About 4-H

4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential working and learning in partnership with caring adults.

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In 4-H, all youth are welcome!

4-H is an out-of-school, hands-on learning program for people age 5-19. Youth choose a project that’s interesting to them and explore it with peers and caring adults. 4-H clubs are groups of youth who want to lead, learn, and laugh together.

What can I do in 4-H?

The sky’s the limit! 4-H offers learning experiences in science, photography, agriculture, healthy living, civic engagement and much more. We have one-day events, year-long projects and everything in between. There are many ways to try 4-H.


What do the H’s stand for?

The four H’s are head, heart, hands, and health. That means we are committed to providing opportunities for youth to learn life skills like decision-making, problem solving, caring for others, generosity, making healthy choices, and more.


4-H is free to join anytime!

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Families are busy and schedules are tight. We get it!

But consider this:

How often is your child asked to be the president of a club? Or given a hands-on opportunity to explore a new interest? Or encouraged to share their voice with others? Or given a chance to try new experiences or travel to new places?

This is the 4-H difference!

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What Else Does Oneida County 4-Her Have Access to as 4-H members?

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Research has shown that as a result of 4-H Youth Development Programs:

  • Youth develop marketable skills for lifelong success.  Youth gain important leadership, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. These abilities are gained through the numerous projects and activities in which youth participate as 4-H members. Such skills are important not only to immediate success of the 4-H activities, but to continued success of many endeavors.
  • Youth engage in community service and citizenship to transform local communities. This goes beyond just participating in a program; its focus is on recognizing that youth can make valuable contributions to their local communities. Youth can make a difference.
  • Youth appreciate and build upon diversity to foster a harmonious global society. This is a critical awareness tool for success of youth today and far into the future. Rather than looking at the differences in people as potential sources of conflict and disengagement, our goal is for our youth to recognize these differences as opportunities for positive and rewarding experiences.
  • Youth build sustained relationships with adults that enable them to become better citizens. We can all remember the significant contribution an adult had during our adolescent lives. Similarly, adult 4-H volunteers should make a great positive impact on the lives of 4-H youth.
  • Volunteers build skills and abilities to more effectively work with youth. The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Division of Extension provides educational opportunities in the subject areas, working effectively with youth, and leading positive youth development programs. Extension professionals and other university faculty and staff teach volunteers the many skills and abilities needed to work effectively with youth through educational workshops, clinics, and conferences.

For more than 10 years, 4‑H has partnered with Tufts University to study the effectiveness of its youth development programs.

This first of its kind research study found that 4‑H’s unique hands-on approach gives kids the opportunity to learn by doing and build life skills.


Questions? Need clarification? Contact Oneida County 4-H Staff:

Anne Williams, Oneida County UW-Extension 4-H Educator

Phone: 715-365-2750     Email: apwilliams@wisc.edu

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