Water Testing

The University of Wisconsin-Extension Oneida County has partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Water and Environmental Analysis Lab in offering Homeowners Package Water Testing Kits free of charge.

Each kit includes:

  • Sampling bottle

  • Package to ship the bottle in

  • Address label

  • Instructions and forms

Homeowners Package Water Test Form

Water Testing Price List

Homeowner Package​

Includes​ Information on test
Total Coliform Bacteria*​ Tests if your well is producing bacteriologically free water. This is the most important test to perform regularly on a private water supply.​​
Nitrate-Nitrogen*​ Nitrate is the most common chemical contaminant in Wisconsin groundwater. Sources of nitrate include fertilizers, septic systems or manure and bio-solid applications. This test serves as an indicator of land-use impacts and may indicate the presence of other contaminants such as pesticides.​
pH​ Measures the relative acidity of water. Useful in assessing the corrosivity of water to plumbing.​
Alkalinity​ Amount of bicarbonate (acid neutralizing capacity). This test is related to pH and important for determining the corrosivity index.​
Total Hardness​ Measure of the amount of calcium and magnesium. Important for water softening considerations.​
Chloride​ Another indicator of overall water quality and land-use impacts. If elevated indicates contamination from septic systems, fertilizers, or road salts.
Conductivity​ Measure of total dissolved minerals in water. Changes in conductivity over time may be indicative of contamination from surrounding land-use activities.
Corrosivity Index​ This is a calculation to determine whether your water will form scale or be corrosive.​
​ * Test important to health​


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