2020 Oneida County Fair Press Release

2020 Oneida County Fair Canceled Due to COVID-19

For Immediate Press Release

April 22, 2020

The Oneida County Fair is always thinking of ways to bring the best possible experiences to our patrons and pride ourselves on the safety of every family that attends the Fair. We are forever grateful for the relationships we have with local businesses and the sponsorships they provide us. It is with these considerations that the Oneida County Fair Committee has made the decision to cancel this year’s Fair amid the uncertainty from the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are very sensitive to the fact that our entire community has been harshly impacted, especially our sponsors. It is in their best interest that we do not ask for sponsorships and/or donations from these local businesses after they have taken such a hit. We are also sensitive to the feelings and safety of fairgoers. The future of socialization is still unknown, especially in large quantities, and we feel that we need to make this decision in a responsible time frame rather than at the last minute.

Progress does not stop here. We will continue the mission to improve your fair and find new ways to entertain our fairgoers. We are diligently working through this and building plans to make the 2021 Oneida County Fair the most amazing fair to date. We are saddened by this decision but know that it is the most responsible one to our community and sponsorship partners.

Thank you,


Thomas Barnett

Oneida County Fair Coordinator


For all press inquiries, please contact our Fair Coordinator, Thomas Barnett




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